What Is This 'Harry Potter' Game, & Why Does Anyone Care?


I can’t let that Johnny Depp shit go, you guys.

When it comes to the new Harry Potter game, I’m torn. Coming to the franchise later in life, I can appreciate the fairly epic storytelling, and creative set-design, that’s gone into making the HP universe. But I’m also cautious, unprepared to get swept up in the money-grabbing circus that Hogwarts represents.

Don’t hate on me just yet. I respect the fact that J.K. Rowling donates a shit-tonne of money to multiple sclerosis research. I really do. And with Harry Potter, she’s written a story that undeniably connects with a lot of people worldwide. But the positives don’t take away from the things she does that make me uncomfortable af.

There have been multiple reports that Rowling has (Unwittingly? Unknowingly?) liked transphobic tweets, seeming to support TERFs on social media. Then there’s the whole Johnny Depp Fantastic Beasts fiasco, in which she put the needs of a famous movie star ahead of the voices of her fans. And lest we forget that time she put words into Amber Heard’s mouth that were completely inaccurate.

Basically, when it comes to criticism, Rowling doesn’t take it well. When your fandom highlights the fact that your portrayal of a person of color in your forthcoming movie might be insensitive, listen to them. Don’t get on the defensive and patronize your readers/viewers by instructing them that said character is based on folklore. Because I’m pretty sure that folklore can still be xenophobic, or racist, or offensive to people of color who regularly get overlooked in mainstream cinema. And it’s impossible to deny that the Harry Potter universe is glaringly white.

But sure, there’s this game, that apparently leaked, which will take you one step closer to living in Harry Potter-land like you always wanted. I suppose we should celebrate?