'The Hills' Reboot Casts Mischa Barton, the OG OC Princess, Because Life Doesn't Totally Suck

Pre-ordering the DVD box-set like it’s 2007.

Whoever hired Mischa Barton for The Hills reboot deserves a pay rise. Hell, promote them to head of MTV, because no-one’s ever had a better idea that casting Marissa fucking Cooper in the reality show she inspired.

When Mischa Barton crashed out of The O.C. at the end of Season 3, it felt like a career-breaking move. Any personal love I have for Season 4 and Taylor Townsend is moot because they canceled the whole fucking series, didn’t they? Whether Josh Schwartz wants to admit it or not, Barton was the heart and soul of the series in too many ways to mention.

A zillion straight-to-Netflix movies later, Barton is back, and she’s here to resurrect the stalwart reality show desperately in need of a star.

While Lauren Conrad and Kristin Cavallari weren’t ever coming back to the show that built them, turning to reality TV is a smart move for Barton.

((Incidentally, I’ve got a super soft spot for Cavallari, whose Uncommon James brand is a totally aspirational shopping experience for me right now. Instead, you’ll find me in Poundland.)

The O.C.’s star should’ve been a big hit, but bad press and Instagram scandals left Barton flailing in Hollywood when she left the show in 2006. Which is why she’s perfect fit for The Hills. Career stalled? Social media not making the money it once was? Time for a fling with Justin Bobby, ma chérie. Let’s put you back on the map (of Orange County).

By all accounts, MTV is throwing some hot cash at The Hills reboot, with Heidi and Spencer Pratt even wheeling their kid out for it (will film for crystals, ya’all). As for Barton’s casting—will it work? Probably not. But I’m excited to watch this smörgåsbord of shit on repeat as soon as it’s released.