Avril Lavigne & Chad Kroeger Are My OTP

It’s unlikely I’ll marry again, but if I do, I’m going full Chavril.

When I split with my high school boyfriend, one of my friends wouldn’t shut up about it. Months later, said ex had rebuffed all of my post-breakup, wayward advances, and categorically told me we’d never be a thing, like, ever again; my clueless friend said she knew we’d make it one day. She could see the whole works, was waiting for the wedding, and as much as it broke my heart to hear it, we were her OTP. That’s how I feel about Chad Kroeger and Avril Lavigne.

avril veil.jpg

After my own failed marriage, I should know better than anyone how wrenching it is to leave when you’ve given everything you’re capable of, the way the serial killer comes back to life for one last stab before the movie ends. And despite every shred of better judgement I achingly muster, I’m not over Chavril, and may never be, which is why I bought a copy of Hello! Canada from 2013, just so I could leaf through their wedding pictures.

I didn’t think I was in a particularly weird place in my life until the moment I eBay-ed the shit out of Chavril’s wedding album. Yes—I spent more than $20. No—I should never, ever admit to it.

And I get it. They split in 2015, and they’re dating other people now (probably), and even though there’s no divorce yet, it’s totally over (I think). But they’re close—Kroeger’s still co-writing songs with Lavigne, and they’ve made multiple joint appearances since their split. So there’s hope.

You probably hate Nickelback, as everyone in the world allegedly hates Nickelback, but I watched them play a gig to 20,000 people last year, so someone’s buying tickets to see them, okay? And unashamedly, yes, I would also marry Chad Kroeger, given the wild chance.

It goes without saying that I relate to Lavigne hard, especially since she revealed her diagnosis with Lyme disease. Having had to take several years out of the spotlight while she recovered, it definitely feels as though Taylor Swift usurped Avril’s pop crown (but that’s another argument for another hot minute).

Lavigne’s coming back with a new record on February 15, 2019 (YES, the day after Valentine’s Day, people), featuring several songs co-written with her ex, Kroeger (which, fun fact, is pronounced like Freddy Krueger). During her hiatus, Lavigne’s taken to the stage with Nickelback, promoted one of their singles, and even gone to war with Mark Zuckerberg over her ex.

Because I’ve reunited with exes, for better or worse, a Chad and Avril reunion feels within the realms of possibility. Of course, sure, they can move on, and date other people, and maybe even get a divorce one day too, if they really want.

It’s unlikely I’ll marry again, but if I do, I’m going full Chavril. Because Chad Kroeger and Avril Lavigne, they’re my OTP. Luckily, I can relive their romance daily by replaying 2013’s Avril Lavigne and reading my vintage copy of Hello! Canada and there’s nothing more to say on the fucking matter!

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