‘The Affair’ Chose LA Over Alison Bailey

What ya doin’, Sarah Treem?


Killing off Alison Bailey is like burying Rachel Green in Friends: you just shouldn’t do it. Even if you want to. Even if you’ve completely fucked negotiations with said actress and moved production to the other side of the country. You still find a way.

Hopefully no-one’s naïve enough to believe that Alison Bailey’s storyline had run its course on The Affair, so that when Ruth Wilson asked to leave, the timing was just perfect. Because there was nothing perfect about that clunky af final ep in which Alison got chucked in the sea.

That said, Season 4 was Wilson’s swan song, and Alison’s. From her long-lost dad returning only to ask for a kidney, to that ill-advised flight to LA to see Noah (and Helen), her plot lines were twisty, relationship dynamics confusing, and her character’s potential inordinate.

And then Ben, one of the few people of color The Affair has ever hired, ends up being Alison’s killer, which is not only offensive, but wasteful. The fact that the show teased suicide, only to reveal murder, is also damning, especially as the latter would’ve been more believable. Or why not have Noah kill her? He’s clearly a psychopath.

There were so many interesting ways Wilson could’ve exited the show. Instead, the writers took the easy way out and murdered Jennifer Aniston. Just so they could move to LA for financial gains. Big mistake. Plus, this show means nothing without The Lobster Roll, idiots.