Everything to Watch, Hear, and Do This Week (Oct 1st - Oct 7th)

Calendars at the ready, people.


Weds October 3rd

A Star is Born (In Cinemas)

Real talk: We expected this to be an absolute stinker but so far Bradley Cooper’s directorial debut has amassed nothing but rave reviews. Cooper and his co-star Lady Gaga are both being tipped for Oscar gold with the movie so you may as well check it out. At the very least so you can say “Gaga’s great, but she ain’t no Streisand” with full authority.

Venom (In Cinemas)

Fri October 5th

Marvel movies blee blah bloo something about anti-heroes boo blee blue comic book fun times blah blah blah. You get the idea. On the upside it stars Tom Hardy who is always welcome in our eyes, our hearts, and our pants.

Blindspotting (In Selected Cinemas)

Carlos López Estrada ‘s critically acclaimed comedy-drama has been getting called one of the best films of 2018 right across the board. Following a guy (Daveed Diggs) desperately trying to evade trouble during the final three days of his probation, the film looks dark, funny, timely, and tense AF. The indie film is bound to have a limited run in the UK cinemas it does screen at so be sure to catch it on the big screen while you can.

Big Mouth: Season Two (Netflix)

Nick Kroll’s bawdy coming-of-age comedy was a total surprise hit. Though there’s plenty of gutter-level dick and cum jokes in just about every scene, Big Mouth is also unexpectedly smart, packed full of terrific female characters, and full of heartfelt moments that perfectly capture the absurdity - and the agonies - of growing up. Season two is a must-see.

Sat Oct 6th

Flight of the Conchords: Special (HBO)

We’re so hot for Brett & Jermaine it’s ridiculous and we’ve waited a long time for this reunion. The HBO special was filmed live in London during the New Zealand comedy-musical duo’s recent UK tour.


Fri Oct 5th

Cat Power Wanderer

Chan Marshall’s tenth studio album is the first in six years. And from the sounds of the songs that have been released from Wanderer so far, she’s stepped back to the pared down, sombre sounds of her 2002 album You Are Free.

Fucked Up Dose Your Dreams

The latest album from the Toronto based band is just as diverse and different as you might expect from a group who have continually changed and experimented with sound and genre. But Dose Your Dreams also comes with one other major difference - frenetic frontman Damian Abraham has limited vocals on it, appearing on just two thirds of the album.

Marie Davidson Working Class Woman

Your new workout album has arrived.

Molly Burch First Flower

The Austin-based singer songwriter’s latest sees the musician shaking up her musical form slightly & quietly musing upon gender politics, if her gentle yet bold lead single “To the Boys” is any indication.

Kikagaku Moyo Masana Temples

Make sure you have some quality kush & sipping whiskey on hand to enjoy the fourth album from the Japanese psychedelic outfit which the band describes as “an always changing sonic panorama” that reflects the literal and spiritual journey of the touring band.


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