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To Hell With Horror Gatekeeping: ‘The Lost Boys’ Reboot Belongs to Queer Kids and Teeny Boppers

Horror bros are going off on The CW’s reboot of The Lost Boys. Because - as we all know - teenage girls & queer kids can’t have horror too, right? We’re calling time on all the outrage.

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Harmless Fun: Pop Culture Has Always Lied To Us About Rape

In popular culture, asking for consent is a real mood-buster. If you want a woman to fall madly in lust or love with you, all you have to do is force her until she relents and there’ll be no consequences for however violently you attacked her.

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With its 90s Episode, 'Riverdale' Became the Wes Craven Tribute of our Dreams

Add a sprinkle of ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’, an obscure horror movie tie-in cover song, and the hot spectre of Billy “bubblebutt boyfriend” Loomis and you’ve got one helluva dreamy tribute to Wes Craven.

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