Why It’s Time to Reboot 'Dawson’s Creek'

Give me Pacey Witter or give me death.


In the age of Netflix, everyone’s favorite TV shows are getting resurrected. While I personally don’t have much faith in Netflix’s commissioning department, and its slew of one season cancellations and passion for renewing TRASH, I live in hope that one day Dawson will be back.

Before you roll your eyes or ugly cry just as Van Der Beek intended, I’ll make this argument real simple: Joshua Jackson.

While The Affair has given him A LOT to work with, he deserves so much more. Having spent four seasons pining after Alison Bailey, his character rightly reached breaking point when the writers gave up on the show:

Remember that time in Season 4 when they made him talk to a rock?

And following rumors that Jackson won’t be returning as a series regular for the final season of The Affair, one of the world’s finest specimens of a god damn human being is AVAILABLE. Which as far as I’m concerned means only one thing: it’s time for Pacey’s Creek.

The premise: Dawson’s busy in Hollywood living his dream as Spielberg’s fluffer. Meanwhile, Pacey has moved back to the Creek, without Joey, from whom he separated following the Season 6 finale. His restaurant’s more successful than ever, and he gets to hang with his brother and Jack (reprised by Kerr Smith, naturally) all the time. It’s cute!

One day, a yellow taxi pulls into town, in a total flashback to that iconic Jen Lindley moment. And of course, it’s Joey Potter. She’s still a killer NY editor, but she has unfinished business (again) in Capeside, and her return to town wreaks havoc like a lazy afternoon in The Lobster Roll.

Van Der Beek will guest star, of course, popping back to town when his schedule allows to give the entire cast the wisdom he’s learnt from living his dream. But the day-to-day of Holmes and Jackson is the primetime magic we all deserve, especially in the age of ALISON BAILEY BEING DEAD, and all.

I am available for hire, have a copy of Final Draft I’ve never used, and know the Creek better than Kevin (bailed at the end of Season 2) Williamson himself. (Love you, Kevin!)