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Harmless Fun: Pop Culture Has Always Lied To Us About Rape

In popular culture, asking for consent is a real mood-buster. If you want a woman to fall madly in lust or love with you, all you have to do is force her until she relents and there’ll be no consequences for however violently you attacked her.

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I'm Still Haunted by This Episode of Netflix's 'Stay Here'

Netflix’s AirBnB development show heads to a working class community in Brooklyn, loses all awareness of itself, and is stacked full of white-cringe and rainbow bagels. It’s the interior design equivalent of white saviour syndrome.

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How to Dress Like Your Serial Killer Brother Is Home for the Holidays

Planning one final, fatal showdown with that one sibling you wish was still locked safely inside a mental hospital & at a loss as to what to wear for it?! Luckily for you, here’s a guide for that very specific scenario!

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